About Holly

Holly Dennis, Owner & CEO

Holly Dennis harmony chaiHello my name is Holly. I am the owner and creator of Harmony Chai! Harmony Chai was first formulated and brewed in Homer, Alaska in 1993. Inspired by a local hand crafted chai, I set out to offer people my special Harmony Chai elixir at festivals and gatherings. Each time it was brewed it was a great experiment, and to my amazement it was wonderful and the customers loved it!

It was only after brewing for many years that I was able to perfect my own secret blend. My goal was to achieve a balance of flavor with a powerful combination of spices. It was also important to me to create a brew made only of the healthiest ingredients. Because of this, all the spices used in Harmony Chai offer medicinal qualities.

Finally, after many years of dedication, Harmony Chai was born.
Sit back, relax and enjoy a sweet and powerfully delicious cup of tea!